All businesses face many of the same challenges, but each has some that are particular to their marketspace, organization, products and processes. These unique challenges require solutions based on industry-specific knowledge. At DBS Accounting Solutions, we know – and understand – a number of industries, including printing, manufacturing, distribution, food service and professional services.

Commercial Printing

Harsh market conditions continue to put pressure on commercial printers of all sizes. Successfully navigating these rough waters is difficult, and many companies have gotten lost, foundered and failed. But the ones that remain afloat – and financially sound – are the ones that are able to manage their finances intelligently, cut costs, broaden their offerings and make smart, opportunistic acquisitions.

We can help you make the right moves. David Saltzman led Triangle Printers, his family’s successful commercial printing company, for more than 20 years. And while many mid-size printers closed their doors, Triangle kept moving forward, and was able to expand its services, acquire its competitors and remain profitable.

“We have a complicated service and manufacturing business. David has been consulting with our firm on a variety of financial and business matters, and he brings experience, intelligence and wisdom to business discussions. Then, when it’s time to roll up our sleeves, dive into the details and analyze the numbers, David does so with accuracy, insight and alacrity.“

CEO, printing, marketing and promotional products company, Schaumburg, Ill.


To be successful and profitable, today’s manufacturers must find ways to overcome a weak economy, volatile materials costs and savage competition. How do they do it? By working smarter.

We can give you the capabilities, processes and metrics you need. And, utilizing our experience with manufacturers in a variety of industries, we can help you determine, understand, manage and reduce your variable, fixed and semi-variable costs. Plus, we will work with you to discover ways to improve your gross margin. The result will be a better, more robust bottom line.


At the center of the supply chain, distributors struggle with inventory costs, cash management issues and volatile margins. That’s just how the business is. Chances are, though, you can manage these critical financial areas more effectively.

Leveraging our experience with distribution clients, we can help you intelligently manage your carrying costs, significantly improve your cash flow and get a handle on your cost of goods and pricing. What’s more, we can make your job easier with access to lenders and lines of credit.

“I hired David two years ago as our contract CFO. He’s been an asset to our organization, and has exceeded my expectations. His experience as a business owner and accountant brings vast value to an organization. His attention to detail and knowledge of accounting best practices – along with his genuine desire to do a great job – set him apart.”

CEO, wholesale distribution company, Chicago, Ill.

Food Service/Restaurants

Food service businesses are among the most difficult to manage – and among the most likely to have financial challenges. What’s more, haphazard bookkeeping, substandard accounting practices and poor financial controls make the situation worse than it could be.

We can help you tighten up the books, improve bookkeeping, implement needed processes and gain important insight with key statements and reports. In short, we give you the tools to manage better and make informed decisions.

“I was overwhelmed with running the day-to-day of a small business, and had ‘no time’ to do the books. And then I had no solid numbers to use when trying to make strategic decisions. So I brought in David, and within weeks he was able to create a balance sheet, create proper P&Ls, and help me make a budget. And, he was able to convince me to make changes that helped us become more profitable (or at least help me sleep better at night).”

Owner, restaurant/bar, Chicago, Ill.

Professional Services

It’s not unusual for accounting firms, law firms, consulting firms and other professional services organizations to have the same problems as their clients: difficult cash flow, variable demand, downward price pressure and eroding margins. But the smart ones find ways to manage more astutely, gain control and improve profitability.

We know how it is. We’re a professional services firm too. And we can help by accelerating invoicing and improving accounts receivable, by providing critical insight into costs and performance, and by enabling you to focus less on accounting and more on your business.